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LoRen is a singer- songwriter who defies genre. Born as a child of a pastor in Pittsburgh, PA, LoRen is a proud believer with gospel roots. True to her character, LoRen’s influences are as powerful as they are diverse:  Sam Cooke, Lauryn Hill, Taylor swift, DMX, and the Rock band Need to Breathe, are a few of the artists that have impacted LoRen’s approach to music and inspired her to resist the norms. Shortly after singing in church as a small child, LoRen began her career as a songwriter while training in classical and Broadway music. Her hunger and impulse for creative ingenuity had only just begun.

In an effort to become a woman of color creating fun-loving inspirational music for others with a similar background, LoRen released independent music, collaborated on international house projects, performed in front of thousands, and fervidly earned a bachelor’s degree in audio production from Full Sail University.


Now, as an avid storyteller, LoRen is greatly influenced by her faith and authenticity which scripts her uplifting songs of unique sonic quality, immediately recognized as her own.

For the last three years, LoRen has curated an annual live music experience for diverse songwriters entitled, NO COVERS. When not creating, LoRen is committed to living a content and simple life. She’s unashamedly a lover of her husband, daughter, thrifting, and all things holistic.

When listening to LoRen’s latest E.P Pardon me, you will witness her shape shift. “With Pardon me, I am declaring; I will no longer hold my tongue,” LoRen says. Collaborating alongside Americana Artist Paul Luc, LoRen pens an EP where each song feels like a different genre flowered from the same root. 

Loren’s Pardon Me disrupts cultural norms, discusses the highs and lows of her new journey of motherhood, and digs deeper into her convictions more than ever before. With lyrics like “Black women ain't s’pose to be afraid,” LoRen declares her truth with uncut intention. She poetically shares the trauma surrounding black maternal health and the stereotypes that plague black women. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, LoRen seeks to continue her mission of positively altering the world by challenging dated and destructive perspectives with music fueled by genuine love and strength from within.

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